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24 May 2009 @ 02:30 am
Welcome to parachutebinge, my personal graphics journal.
I will mostly post icons, but look out for other things as well!

Kai, here's the rule-rundown:
  1. Do not claim any of my graphics as your own!
  2. Credit is needed if you use anything I make. You can credit to either parachutebinge or final_song.
  3. Comments make me happy. Please comment to let me know who plans to use my graphics, or simply just likes them.
  4. Joining the community is also cool, but not required...but cool nonetheless. >>;
To credit an icon:
If you use any of my icons, please paste either of the following into the "keywords" box when you upload them. Just remove the *s:

Made by <**lj comm="parachutebinge"**>.

Made by <**lj user="final_song"**>.
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